DIY Gift Basket for Her

If you can’t decide on the perfect gift for her, I have just the solution! Why not make her a personalized gift basket?


Here are some of the goodies I included in my basket:


FUN QUIRKY BOOKS: This book is full of fun little tips that will be sure to give her a chuckle or two.

(Stuff Every Woman Should Know By Alanna Kalb) 



CUTE JOURNAL: A cute journal to write down her thoughts and ideas will be sure to win her heart.



MINTS: What girl can say no to minty fresh breath? These mints from Trader Joe’s are not only cute, but super yummy!



HAND CREAM: This peach hand cream from Tony Moly is one of my absolute favs! Its delicious fruity scent makes me want to smell my hands all day!



SKIN CARE: A good skin care routine is vital for beautiful, healthy skin. This 3-in-one Purity cleanser leaves my skin feeling nice and clean without drying it out.



ADORABLE SOCKS: A girl can never have too many pairs of socks, especially if you’re like me and always seem to lose them.



CHOOSING YOUR BASKET/CRATE: I decided to diy my own crate so that I could personalize it with a monogram, and I am so glad I did because it turned out beautifully.

The final result:






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