Halloween Trick or Treat Jar

candy finalAre you guys ready for Halloween?!?! I can’t believe that it’s only a week away! Here’s a quick and easy diy Trick or Treat Jar just for you.


-Jar (Target dollar section!)

-Candy corn (Or your favorite candy)

-“Trick or Treat” tag (Made mine from scrapbook paper)


candy 1candy bright

STEP 1: Fill your jar with any of your favorite Halloween candy (I think it looks really cute with candy corn). candy 3

STEP 2: Take some fun scrapbook paper and cut out a circle to make a gift tag. Using a hole puncher, add a hole to the top and string some twine through the hole. I simply took a thin black sharpie and wrote “Trick or Treat” on the tag, but feel free to be creative and write any Halloween quotes your heart desires:) candy 4

STEP 3: Loop the twine and gift tag around the jar and secure it by making a bow. Your cute little Trick or Treat jar is ready to go!candy final

Hope you enjoyed this quick diy!

Keep calm and get your trick or treat on!

❤ Andy


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