Ghost Treat Mason Jar

final 2Happy Sunday my lovely readers! Here’s another Halloween diy project for you. I found these adorable ghost peeps at my local grocery store and thought they would be perfect for a Halloween treat jar. Keep reading to see how it’s made.


-Ghost peeps

-Candy corn

-Mason jar

-Small piece of scrapbooking paper

-Sticker letters

-Ribbon (optional)

ghost 2ghost

STEP 1: Fill 1/4 of your mason jar with candy corn, add your cute ghost marshmallow peeps, and top it off with more candy corn. Jarghost 4ghost 5

STEP 2: Take the lid of the mason jar and trace it on to a piece of scrapbooking paper. Take your scissors and cut, cut, cut. You should be left with a circle that fits perfectly on top of your lid. ghost 6ghost 7

STEP 3: Place your lid back on the mason jar and stick your letter stickers on top. ghost 8ghost 9

STEP 4: This step is optional. I decided to add some cute polka dot ribbon to match the sticker letters. ghost 10


The final results: 

final 1final 2

Thanks for stopping by!


❤ Andy





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