Ghost Marshmallow Pops

pop orange 2I decided to put my little ghost friends to work with another diy. These ghost marshmallow pops make the perfect treat for your friends or trick or treaters! They are super easy and fun to make too.


-Ghost marshmallow peeps

-Paper straws (Michaels 50% in stores right now)

-3X4 treat bags (Michaels)




STEP 1: Taking your knife, poke a hole on the bottom of your ghost marshmallow (I know I felt bad doing this too, but I promise your ghostly friend will be okay). pop 1pop 3

STEP 2: Insert your paper straw into the hole you created. pop 4

STEP 3: Place the treat bag over your ghost marshmallow and add a cute bow to hold it in place. pop 8pop 10

The final look: pop orange 2coverpop orange 1

Hope you enjoyed this sweet diy!

Hope you have a spooktacular day.

❤ Andy

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