Diy Pumpkin Spice Jar

IMG_7132Can you guys believe that Halloween is tomorrow?! I know you are all probably busy putting your costumes together and making sure that you have plenty of candy for trick or treaters! Well, don’t forget to take a break, and while you’re at it check out this new diy. I’ve had some spice jars from Ikea sitting in my cupboard for some time and finally decided to put them to good use. This is what I came up with, isn’t it adorable!


-Spice Jar (IKEA)

-Black Chalk Paint

-Acrylic Paints: Orange, Green, Pink

-Thin Black Marker (I used Micron but a Sharpie will work as well)


-Sponge Paintbrush

-Thin Paintbrush


STEP 1: Cover both your spice jar and lid with chalk paint. This will help the acrylic paint adhere to the jar better and help give it a somewhat more rustic look. I love it when you can see the imperfect paint strokes, if this look isn’t for you then feel free to skip this step. IMG_7104IMG_7106

STEP 2: After your chalk paint has fully dried, cover your jar with orange acrylic paint and your lid with green acrylic paint. I added about three layers of paint. IMG_7109

STEP 3: After the acrylic paint has dried, take your thin marker and draw eyes, a mouth, and some dashed lines to bring your pumpkin to life. IMG_7111

STEP 4: Taking a thin paint brush and some pink paint, paint on some cute pink cheeksIMG_7127

STEP 5: Place the lid back onto the jar and cut a piece of twine to create a bow. IMG_7130


The final look: IMG_7132

Hope you all have a very happy Halloween!


❤ Andy




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