Liquid Eyeliner Comparison

cover 2I am most definitely a liquid eyeliner girl all the way! Pencil eyeliners refuse to stay put on my oh-so oily lids, and yes I am guilty of not washing my makeup brushes often enough ( I know major makeup crime!) so gel eyeliners are not a friend of mine. I’ve tried a vast array of liquid eyeliners over the years and have narrowed it down to five that I believe are worthy of comparing just for you:)

Stila    Stila 2

Stila 31. STILA STAY ALL DAY: If you walk into a Sephora and ask for a liquid eyeliner recommendation, they will most probably recommend this cult favorite! This eyeliner has unbelievable pigmentation, giving you those perfect dark wings. The only thing I am not to fond of is the felt tip applicator. It works wonderfully when it’s fresh out of the package, but over time the felt tip frays and small pieces of fuzz make it difficult to create smooth, straight lines. Although this product is suppose to stay put on your eyes all day, I didn’t find that to be true. Maybe I was just blessed with ridiculously oily lids, but at the end of the day I would find that my beautiful winged eyeliner had flown far away. But don’t let my experience stop you from trying this eyeliner. Many people declare this as their HG liquid liner.


Kat    Kat 2

kat2. KAT VON D TATTOO LINER:  I purchased this eyeliner as part of Sephora’s Draw the Line holiday set. I was excited to try this particularly because it didn’t have a felt tip applicator, but a brush instead. And indeed I fell in love with the brush applicator. I found it easier to apply than Stila, and the brush didn’t fray over time. I wouldn’t say that it is as pigmented as Stila, but I found it pigmented enough to my liking. The problem I had with this eyeliner was that it was not long lasting. I found that the eyeliner would fade after a couple hours. However, I still give Kat major points for the amazingly precise fine tip brush!


formula     formula 2

physicians3. PHYSICIANS FORMULA 2-IN-1 LASH BOOSTING EYELINER +SERUM: Besides having the longest name ever, I would have to say that this is the best drugstore liquid eyeliner that I have tried….so far. It has a very fine brush applicator, making it easy to draw crisp lines. It is rich in pigmentation and great in lasting power. However, it fails to fulfill it’s promise that it helps boost your lashes. I personally saw no change in the length or fullness of my lashes. Another place where this liner falls short is that it quickly dries out and loses it’s pigmentation than other eyeliners I have tried. Other than that it’s a great drugstore buy!


face    face 3

face4. FACE SHOP IT EXTREME: While I was on vacation in Korea I was determined to find a new liquid eyeliner. Korea is a paradise for beauty lovers all over the world, providing an astonishing amount of beauty products at an affordable price! Face Shop is among Korea’s well known makeup stores and one of their best sellers is this eyeliner. It provides great pigmentation, I’d say even comparable to Stila. It also has a great brush applicator that I love oh so much! The only drawback I found was that the formula started to fade, maybe a month after I purchased it (keep in mind I didn’t use it everyday, and most eyeliners last me around 2 or more months). Other then that it’s a great eyeliner to try out, Korean beauty products rarely disappoint!


dolly    dolly 2

dolly5. DOLLY WINK: I had heard many many great things about this eyeliner before I was able to get my hands on it. For some reason I just couldn’t get myself to buy it online. Luckily one of my friend’s dad was able to pick one up for each of us on a business trip to Taiwan! I have to say that I have fallen in love with this eyeliner! It’s pigmentation is incredible, the fine brush allows for precision, and it doesn’t smear off my oily lids! And if that isn’t enough, just look at how adorable the packaging is! This is currently my HG liquid eyeliner:)




Side by side comparison: 

swatchFrom left to right: Stila, Kat Von D, Physicians Formula, Face Shop, Dollywink 

Let me know what your favorite liquid eyeliner is, I always love trying out new products:)

May the wings of your eyeliner always be even.

❤ Andy


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