Diy Fabric Covered Hanger

wood coverHappy Sunday! Today I will be sharing this quick and easy diy with you. I decided to vamp up some simple wire clothes hangers by wrapping them in fabric and adding a cute bow. I think that it makes the perfect little accent for your closet!


-Hangers (I used wire, but you can use any kind)


-Glue gun


-Fabric cut in long 1/2 inch strips


Step 1: Starting at the neck of the hanger, hot glue gun the end of the fabric strip to hold it in place. hanger wrap

Step 2: Wrap, wrap, and wrap the entire hanger. The threads of the fabric will fray and stick out here and there. I personally like this look, but if you aren’t a fan just take your scissors and trim away. IMG_6775hanger 10hanger detail

Step 3:  Cut a shorter piece of fabric and add an adorable bow!hanger ribbonhanger bow

IMG_6825Tada! See how quick, simple, and easy it is!

Until next time:)

❤ Andy


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